I have taught all age groups trombone, piano, improvisation, theory and arranging for almost 20 years. I am set up to teach remotely so don't hesitate to contact me for rates and availability even if we are not in the same time zone (or continent)!

I also offer the following master classes in person or via Zoom/Skype etc.

How to make your solo make sense knowing only your major scales - based on my book the Musician Builder II. All participants will receive a PDF version of the book including 22 play along tracks. Watch my introductory video here. Suited for the beginner to medium level improviser. 

We will cover topics such as 

  • Step by step method to solo over chord changes 
  • Basic chordal analysis 
  • How to construct guide tone lines 
  • How to get comfortable playing in different keys 
  • Song analysis 
  • How to construct a melodic solo that makes sense 
  • How to apply the steps to new songs 

Your daily routine re-imagined - all participants will receive a PDF version of my book Musician Builder I, including 8 play along tracks. Suited for all levels. 

We will cover topics such as 

  • Designing 25min modules, structuring your practice time 
  • Incorporating improvisation 
  • Finding the right balance of exercises 
  • Designing your own exercises 
  • Thinking like an athlete 
  • General health 
  • Performance tips and tricks 

So you graduated...now what? - an interactive music business master class on how to be a freelance, or complete, musician in today's society, including during a pandemic. Suited for everyone. We will discuss topics such as 

  • Social skills 
  • Equipment 
  • Compensation rates
  • Types of performance opportunities, including studio work 
  • Teaching 
  • Other types of music related work 
  • Social media, online tools 
  • Bookkeeping, taxes, TCB (Taking Care of Business) 

How to effectively utilize electronic effects in your playing - we will take a look at some of the possibilities that electronic effects can offer. The modern day mute! To get an idea, please have a look at my blog

  • Different types of electronic effects 
  • Stomp boxes vs multi effects units including laptop/iPad 
  • What works on trombone? What doesn’t? 
  • Microphones 
  • How to set it all up, routing, signal chain 
  • Application of using effects 

The business of arranging 

  • Workflow 
  • Software 
  • How to deal with clients 
  • Compensation rates 
  • Nashville number system 
  • Effective writing including the printed page (standardized chords, layout, articulations, clarity) 
  • Film scoring cues layout 
  • Orchestrator, copyist

Here is some feedback from some of my previous talks and performances at colleges: 

"After Oscar visited our campus and met with my students, there was a buzz around the studio. His teaching was inspired and on point.  The contemporary approach that Oscar brings to the trombone is extremely innovative." 
- Dr. Ben McIlwain, Professor of Trombone University of Southern Mississippi 

"That was definitely one of the raddest things on that stage in a while. You were such an inspiration, thanks for taking time to come and play and speak to us!!" 
- Student, Tennessee Tech University 

"Such an original sound which is what the music lovers of the world are after. The sound was fresh and surprising." 
- Student, Tennessee Tech University 

"I appreciate all of the information and resources you offered us, and I will definitely be taking advantage of them. I was also particularly excited to see your demonstration of the pedal-board/trombone combination, because I have been researching electronic integrations for the trombone for about a year, and after seeing you use it I knew that it was something that I will soon be investing in." 
- Student, Belmont University 

"I thought Oscar Utterstrom's master class was completely enlightening. It was by far the most beneficial master class I've attended in terms of relating to me personally, and I think he has a lot of eye opening and wise information to share with people in this industry." 
- Student, Tennessee Tech University